Esthetic Label - Chapter 03 Feat. Evidence

Esthetic Label presents Chapter 03 Lightroom Presets featuring Evidence

Chapter 03 includes 16 total presets: 4 created by Evidence, as well as 12 created by the team at Esthetic Label including @willnichols, @cole_younger_ and @ryanmillier.

Chapter 03 draws inspiration from the timeless warmth and saturation of film photography, while simultaneously incorporating cutting edge Lightroom editing techniques developed by a crew with years of experience and over a million collective followers on Instagram. 

These presets are designed to help photographers edit more efficiently, as well as learn how to take on the aesthetic of some of the worlds most respected photographers. They can be adapted and tailored to suit your imagery with basic knowledge of Adobe Lightroom.

Compatible with Adobe Lightroom® CC/6 to version 4, OSX & Win.

Esthetic Label - Chapter 03 Feat. Evidence